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A Very Generous Offer From DJ Nate
(Posted by the Hebron Food Pantry in Attleboro)
If you’ve spent much time at parks or outdoor events all over the Greater Attleboro area, especially in the summertime, you’ve likely seen our friend, DJ Nate Adams!

Like virtually all of us, DJ Nate has had to adjust his plans for this summer, swapping out many of his usual weddings for pandemic parades, but also luckily for us, he’s brought music and lights and fun to a few of our distributions this summer!

We are so excited to announce a very generous offer from DJ Nate:

🎉When anyone plans a birthday/wedding/graduation/anniversary/FriYay! parade with DJ Nate and mentions the Hebron Food Pantry, he will take whatever you’ve donated to him and pass it along straight to us. You get one of the best DJs around AND you get to support your community. 🎉

{For every $1 donated to HFP, we are able to supply $20(!) worth of food to our clients, so every penny helps at any time!}

So when you give DJ Nate a call at 508.226.2668, make sure you mention your friends at HFP! Thanks!

Posted on Aug 13, 2020 21:34pm by admin

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