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Ready Or Not, Step Into The Batter'S Box.

To get over a creative block, just start working, even if you're not satisfied with the immediate results. As you go through the paces, new and better perspectives will show up.

Just start swinging. After a few foul balls, you might just put one out of the park!

Today's TQ Challenge: Stop Getting Ready to Get Ready. Find a Way to Get Started.

  1. Choose to be RESOURCEFUL! If you don't want to start at the beginning, where could you start?

  2. Choose to be CREATIVE! Why not begin somewhere in the middle? Or near the end?

  3. Choose to be SELF-INITIATED! Who else could give you a new idea on how to get started?

There is no greater reward than accomplishing a difficult task. However, you can't complete a project if it never gets started. Procrastination can take a million clever forms -- but so can action. Instead of putting things off, find clever and imaginative ways to get started somewhere -- anywhere -- even for a few minutes. Take some action to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

"Money will come to you when you are doing the right thing." ~ Michael Phillips

Read Today's TQ, and find out how to improve this aspect of your Act Now Color.

Want A Cure For Regret?

Don't waste time on regret. The surest antidote for regret is the resolution to improve.

Stop preoccupation with a poor performance in the past. Schedule a specific time in the near future when you can objectively review your actions; then seek ways to improve.

Today's TQ Challenge: Move Preoccupations to a More Appropriate Time.

  1. Choose to be CONCENTRATED! What have you regretted recently? What is your resolution?

  2. Choose to be SINGLE-MINDED! When today could you apply what you've learned from a previous mistake?

  3. Choose to be FOCUSED! What regret can you turn into a resolution before your next performance review?

You can only think about one thing at a time. That one thing should be the most appropriate subject for your current circumstances. Preoccupations -- thinking about something other than the task at hand -- can waste a lot of time. Remove any concerns or competing thoughts by scheduling them to a more appropriate time. Set an appointment for the earliest time possible to resolve the concern or explore new options and opportunities.

"Win as if you were used to it, lose as if you enjoyed it for a change." ~ Golnik Eric

Read Today's TQ, and find out how to improve this aspect of your Optimize Color.

Tired Of Being The Lone Ranger?

Don't try to fight all your battles alone. When you find yourself in a true crisis, it may be time to bring in some reinforcements. Don't be afraid to bring in outside help when the situation warrants it.

A crisis is an important time to rely on the strengths of others.

Today's TQ Challenge: Actively Recruit Others to Help.

  1. Choose to be COLLABORATIVE! Where could you have used a little help from someone else today?

  2. Choose to be RESOURCEFUL! Different people possess different expertise. Are you tapping all the talent that's available to you?

  3. Choose to be EXUBERANT! Who could help you most with the difficult situation before you right now?

There are many talented people who are ready, willing and able to contribute to your goals and projects. All you have to do is ask! All they need is your vision, direction and appreciation. Stop trying to be an army of one! Call in an expert. Collaborate with others. You'll be surprised at how much easier it is to accomplish your goals with the assistance of the right people. You'll get more done, the end product will be of a higher quality and you'll have more fun in the process.

"Successful people are successful because they form the habits of doing those things that failures don't like to do." ~ Albert Gray

Read Today's TQ, and find out how to improve this aspect of your Synergize Color.

What Day Is Payday For You?

Discover what your most valuable activities are in each of your roles. Then create the most efficient and most enjoyable schedule possible to ensure that you perform these activities more often.

Systemize your success. Schedule your highest payoff activities into standing appointments to increase the consistency of performing your most rewarding tasks.

Today's TQ Challenge: Create Highly Productive Systems to do the Work FOR You.

  1. Choose to be EFFECTIVE! When would be the most efficient and most enjoyable time to perform your most crucial activities for this role?

  2. Choose to be PROFICIENT! Check out your calendar. How many times this week are you scheduled to perform your most productive activities?

  3. Choose to be SYSTEMATIC! Is your next month blocked out for the successful performance of your most crucial tasks yet?

Every activity contains a series of steps that must be completed correctly to be successful. Systemize your success. Identify the critical steps required to complete your most productive and rewarding activities. Then, create a "well-oiled machine" to automatically crank out results for you. Systemize those steps through technology, checklists, delegation or by enrolling additional team members -- and you will achieve the results you expect -- far more often. Automate this Factor and you'll double, triple or even quadruple your productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

"Don't tell me how hard you work. Tell me how much you get done." ~ James Ling

Read Today's TQ, and find out how to improve this aspect of your Organize Color.

Have You Thought This Through?

Before you start any project, imagine the entire process as you wish to have it carried out. Learn all you can from the "imagining" process to aid you in planning and then doing your actual work.

Every job is two-fold -- it has a planning stage and a doing stage. Never leave out the first one.

Today's TQ Challenge: Stop and Think Things Through -- BEFORE Taking Action.

  1. Choose to be FORESIGHTFUL! Which of your projects needs further "imagineering" work?

  2. Choose to be THOROUGH! Can you stop right now and imagine how you'd like the rest of your day to turn out?

  3. Choose to be PREPARED! What would you like tomorrow to look like?

By thinking through each project -- both forwards and backwards -- you can visualize the proper sequence of events required to achieve major objective -- in the fewest number of steps possible. You can also prevent time-consuming mistakes by eliminating inappropriate steps, while including others that will be more effective and productive. When you can see what needs to be done -- well before you start -- you can remove the obstacles and bottlenecks to your progress -- well BEFORE they occur!

"The beginning is the most important part of the work." ~ Plato

Read Today's TQ, and find out how to improve this aspect of your Make Plans Color.

All Right! Done It!

Put at least one thing per day on your To Do List that will give you a feeling of accomplishment -- and make sure you complete it! This will boost your morale, which will increase your performance, which will boost your morale, which will . . .

Nothing succeeds like success! So schedule it!

Today's TQ Challenge: Commit to Actually DOING Whatever It Takes -- Then DO It.

  1. Choose to be CONFIDENT! What one thing completed today gave you a feeling of accomplishment?

  2. Choose to be OPTIMISTIC! What's the next item on your list today that will give you a feeling of accomplishment?

  3. Choose to be SELF-RELIANT! What are you looking forward to accomplishing most in tomorrow's schedule?

Success is the direct result of taking the right actions, the right way, at the right time for the right reasons. Understand this and you can take on anything with confidence. Just discover what the right actions are and do them. Your success isn't limited by past mistakes -- but by your willingness to take the right actions right now! If you have no confidence in your ability, you won't even try. But, if you're committed to do whatever it takes until you get it right -- you will eagerly proceed with the confidence to succeed.

"Nature arms each man with some faculty which enables him to do easily some feat impossible to any other." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Read Today's TQ, and find out how to improve this aspect of your Attitude Color.

Creating WOW Power...

With only 50-60 "working" days between now and the end of the year, (subtract weekends, holidays and the time gets shorter every time you think about it!) it is important that we focus on the MAXIMUM utilization of the lower portion of the TQ equation: TIME.

Let's take a look at the immediate future and help you create some WOW POWER!

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What Is Your Time Quotient? Why Should You Care?

Last week we discussed the difference between hopes and wishes vs. crystal-clear EXPECTATIONS.

Once you have established clear EXPECTATIONS, your success then depends upon your ability to EXECUTE, such that you meet or exceed your expectations.

In "TQ Speak," there are 6 Colors that drive your ability to Execute: Your physical (and mental) ...

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Expectations vs. Hopes and Wishes.

Today, I would like you to look into your personal "crystal ball," and think about what you fully EXPECT will happen between now and the end of the year.

Not what you HOPE will happen... not what you WISH will happen.. but what you truly EXPECT to make happen.

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The Next 100 Days Will Determine...

If you finish 2016 with stellar results... or not.

Get the big promotion... or it goes to someone else.

Achieve all the goals you set way back on January 1st... or they remain on your list waiting for another year to happen.

The Great News: There's Time to Affect the Outcome...

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Without ambition one starts nothing. Without...

Last week, we focused on the power of BELIEF—your belief in your POWER to make your dreams and goals real.

This week, we are going to discuss AMBITION—your inner-desire to achieve your goals.

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